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North Wilts Holiday Club is a charity providing summer activities and outings for young people with special needs.

  • Fun activities and outings for young people with special needs
  • Support for families and carers
  • Reducing isolation
  • Supporting independence, confidence and social development

Mission Statement: We aim to give our members the opportunity to enjoy their recreation time, making their own decisions and being free to do what they want in a safe, fun and happy environment.

North Wilts Holiday Club is a small charity run by volunteers and funded by grants, donations and fund raising by supporters and volunteers. All of our members have a learning disability or autistic spectrum disorder, and many have multiple and complex disabilities and health issues.

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Why we are needed

Young people with special needs often miss out on the fun activities enjoyed by others and may become isolated during the long summer holidays.

Families and carers are under increased pressure, affecting brothers and sisters as well as parents. Many families receive little or no support during the ‘holidays’ and it may not be possible to leave children with specialist support needs in the care of friends and family, even for short periods.

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What we do

We provide activity days and outings for young people with special needs during the long summer holidays. Our team of experienced staff and volunteers provide individual support to enable our members to fully participate in activities and outings..

Our sessions also provide valuable respite breaks for carers. For many local families our charity provides the only source of both accessible leisure activities and respite care during the summer ‘holidays’ .

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Thank You!

We would like to thank everyone who has supported our fund raising. All of your contributions are greatly appreciated, and they add up to lots of fun for our members and a rest for tired parents and carers!

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How You Can Help

We rely on grants, fund raising and donations to cover the costs of our activities. We need to pay for accessible venues and transport as well as a high ratio of specialist care staff to support the individual needs of our members.

Our overheads are low because we have no offices or paid administration staff – all fund raising and charity administration is done by volunteers working from home.

There are lots of ways you can help – some take seconds and will cost you nothing, and you could even save money while you support our charity! Support us when you search the web, shop online and more.

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